How do pagers work in hospitals?

How do pagers work in hospitals?

There are two types of caregiver pagers: wired pagers and wireless pagers, and wireless pagers are the most widely used. According to product technology, wireless pagers can be divided into frequency modulation technology and amplitude modulation technology. The use of pagers is becoming more and more extensive, and they can be used in many industries such as catering services, banks, administrative offices, supermarket chains, factory sites, medical care, and pensions, and their functions are becoming increasingly diversified. Chinese namepagerClassificationWired pagers and wireless pager two kinds ofAliascall machine according to product technology frequency modulation technology and amplitude modulation technology.


  1. Prospects
  2. Scope of application
  3. Basic Information
  4. Advantage
  5. constitute

Caregive pagers Prospects

With the continuous development of the World’s economy and society, people’s living standards are constantly improving, and entertainment, tourism, and other services have also developed rapidly. Due to the increasingly fierce competition among service industries, the timeliness of services has often become a decisive factor. An important factor in the level of service places, the development of an enterprise depends on innovative ideas, the renewal of service ideas and service facilities also means the innovative development of enterprises. Therefore, we advocate the concept of transforming active service into on-demand service to create a consumption environment of “no interruption to customers and no delay in service”, and to follow the path of international service mode. Therefore, an emerging service relay product— Wireless pager products were born and gradually recognized by Chinese consumers and businesses.

How do pagers work in hospitals

A wireless pager is an electronic device with one or more buttons to send preset information to a specific receiving unit. It can be divided into two types: wired and wireless: the most common wired pager is the bedside pager used in hospital wards, because the installation of the wired pager must be wired, time-consuming and laborious, the receiving unit must be in a fixed location, and the working model is not flexible. Shortcomings such as high repair and maintenance costs are becoming fewer and fewer.

The wireless caregiver pager can be roughly divided into three stages in terms of technology and application: the first stage is mainly based on amplitude modulation AM technology (ie: the first generation of wireless pagers), which is mainly used in places with small venues; the second stage is based on frequency modulation FM is the core technology product (ie: second-generation wireless pager system), the signal is stable, suitable for large-scale networking, the application industry has developed from small service places such as teahouses and coffee shops to large-scale entertainment venues, hotels, factories, supermarkets, etc.

In industries such as schools and banks, this stage is the period with the most rapid development of wireless pager applications; the third stage is spread spectrum frequency hopping intelligent technology, full Chinese display, and full Chinese voice broadcast, and the combination of the development software and wireless calling system is realized. As a result, the wireless pager has shifted from a fixed calling mode to a professional customer customized service, which has become the trend and mainstream of wireless pager system applications. After 2000, wireless caregiver pagers appeared in the Chinese market. Because of their practicality and convenience, they quickly gained market recognition. From the initial service industry, leisure, and entertainment industry, to hospitals, nursing homes, factories, supermarkets, banks, and enterprises, Government offices, and other applications. The pager has also developed from the original single-button pager to a multi-button pager, dispatch pager, alarm pager, and so on.

Scope of application

The pager is mainly used in the following places, such as construction elevators. Floor pager, tea house, pedicure room, bath, catering and beauty salon, hotel, high-end club, etc. Each counter is equipped with a pager, which supports two methods: ID password login and simple login real-time display of the number being called and the current number of people waitingReal-time display of the number of people waiting in the queue in this window, the number of people from zero to sometimes, buzzer prompts with multiple key functions such as sequence call, recall, abandon number, insert number, transfer, function setting, etc. With the function of automatically detecting the device address, it can display the system connection status signal in real time can be extended to use as an evaluation controller

Basic Information

Wireless caregiver pagers are developed on the basis of wired pagers. Our common wired pagers, such as hospital bed pagers , elevator help buttons, and emergency alarm buttons in public places, are simple to operate. efficient. However, wired pagers need to be wired, which is expensive, and the construction is cumbersome and cannot be widely used. When there is demand, there will be products, and wireless pagers come into being.

The first generation of AM analog wireless pagerEarly wireless pagers mainly used AM technology similar to wireless doorbells, but made some improvements in appearance and receiving end. The appearance of the pager (2 photos)Because amplitude modulation technology is characterized by low cost, simple production, and manufacturing, but the signal is unstable, easy to receive interference, and is not suitable for large-scale wireless networking, such products can only be used in relatively small places.

Due to the simple AM ​​technology, It is suitable for small business assembly and DIY. There are still many pager companies that focus on amplitude modulation technology, such as 99 channels, Kemanling, Hongling, etc.With the second-generation FM digital radio pager with the development of the paper industry, more and more large-scale places need such products, and the functional requirements are not only the function of calling people. During this period, wireless pager companies adopted FM technology and introduced multi-button wireless pagers, handheld wireless pagers, dispatching wireless pagers, waterproof wireless pagers, smart wireless pagers, and check-outs for different application industries.

Wireless caregiver pagers, bank pagers, and other products, there are also many types of receiving end products, not only the simplest LED screens but also portable digital information machines and watch-type information machines. The third generation of spread spectrum frequency hopping intelligent wireless pager systemThe application places of wireless pager systems are getting bigger and bigger, from small tea houses with a few seats at first, to large entertainment venues, hotels, factories, and other customers on several floors or even several buildings, hung on the wall or placed on the bar. 

The LED screen cannot meet the needs of customers, and the mobile receiving terminal is more valuable in such a place. Although the mobile receiving terminal of the second-generation wireless pager system is easy to carry, it can provide digital display and realize full Chinese display. Wireless pager in restaurant technology, FM AM technology is similar to the wireless doorbell we know, a simple transceiver function. Almost all brands of hosts in the industry use single-chip microcomputer chips.

How do pagers work in hospitals

Caregiver Pager Advantage

Improve the service quality of catering companies: The quality of service consists of two parts: the complexity of the guest call service, the response speed of the waiter, and the service attitude. The special pager of the coffee shop has a comprehensive improvement and management of the service response speed, namely: wireless call service, mobile receiving information, and full monitoring service Process, service response timeout alarm, wireless dispatch, call volume, and service response qualification rate statistics, etc. There are mainly the following aspects: Improve the service response speed;-can guarantee on-call.

The procedure for customers to call for service is even simpler;-just a single tap, no need to look around, shout, wave, etc., guests will not be embarrassed to call the service unreasonable. It is conducive to creating a good dining and consumption environment;-There is no need to shout service methods, the guests will be more relaxed and the environment will be quieter. The waiter can receive calls from the guests at any time through the information receiver that he carries with him; even if the waiter is serving in the private room service quality monitoring system can make the assessment of service personnel more objective and fair;-managers can understand the status of each worker, such as workload, qualification rate, understand the service level of the entire service place, and can follow any Relevant reports will be issued during the time period for managers’ reference.

Increase the income of catering companies: Improve service quality and work efficiency while bringing economic benefits, which are mainly manifested in the following aspects: Increase the rate of return;-The quality of service has improved, the service model is distinctive, and the consumption environment (no interruption: interrupted by the waiter, interrupted by other guests), of course, customers are willing to come to such a place again to consume. Increase the turnover rate;-The speed of service has been accelerated, the time spent by guests is shortened, the number of receptions has been increased, and sales have naturally increased. For example, many high-end restaurants often have such a situation: there are many people queuing to eat, and the service speed of the meal is very slow. It takes time for customers to find a waiter.

It takes more than ten minutes to order food, and the people in line are still suffering. Waiting hard. Of course, the waiter will not care about the problem of slow service speed (which can reduce labor intensity), and what the boss misses is sales and offends guests. Increase the second-order rate;-In many consumer places, after the first order, the customer may have the possibility of the second order. 

If the service speed is slow or the waiter is not found in time, it is very likely to give up the action of second order. According to statistics, this part of sales generally accounts for 5-10% of total turnover. Reduce management costs;-The call system and service quality monitoring system make the service of the service place more organized, and the service work of the waiter has a clear standard without human monitoring, which reduces the pressure of management, improves the efficiency of management, and sales management personnel.

Reduce personnel costs;-The call system can realize one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-one calls, and can receive call information on the move. The work is more targeted, and there is no need to stand on guard at the door of the private room or wait for service requests in the lobby. , So the work efficiency of each waiter is improved, and the number of personnel required is reduced. For example, in order to ensure the timeliness of service response in the private rooms of Chinese restaurants, each private room must be equipped with a waiter. After using the special pager for the coffee shop, each waiter can manage 3-5 without affecting the quality of service. Private room.

Caregiver Pager constitute

The composition of the caregiver pager system is usually divided into two parts: one is the pager, the information transmitter, and the other is the receiver, and the information receiver. A complete call system must consist of these two parts.

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How do pagers work in hospitals?

How do pagers work in hospitals

The medical alert pager is one of the more equipment used in modern hospitals. When the patient has an injection or has an unexpected situation, the pager can be used to seek the help of the hospital doctors and nurses. With the medical pager, it can prevent the patient from being unavailable. When the patient’s family members are taking care of it, call the nurse as soon as possible, which increases safety, improves treatment efficiency, and allows the entire medical process to proceed in an orderly and smooth manner. There are two types of medical pagers, wireless pagers, and wired pagers. , Can effectively and quickly find the corresponding staff, and completely solve the problem of difficulty in finding people and slow in finding people when an accident occurs.

Nowadays, not only in hospitals, nursing homes, and even families, wireless calling systems are used in more and more places. Wireless calling systems are not only simple to maintain, but also very easy to operate. The biggest advantage of this kind of wireless calling system is that it can be used for medical care. Personnel can receive patient messages anytime and anywhere, and rush to the scene as soon as possible, and some pagers use amplitude modulation technology to ensure the success rate of the call first and to avoid signal interference.

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