How do restaurant pagers work

Restaurant pager What value: in general, high-end restaurant private rooms are more cut off, multi-floor complex terrain, shouting staff is very inconvenient. If the customer does not receive timely service when needed, not only will the customer feel dissatisfied, the low efficiency of the service staff and the inability to quantify the assessment will greatly increase the restaurant’s operating costs and operating risks, thereby benefiting the restaurant owner. Unique FM wireless technology products can easily solve these problems for you.

Restaurant Pagers


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Restaurant Pager Advantages

1. It is convenient for customers to call service, avoid the hardship and embarrassment of shouting loudly, and create a quiet and comfortable consumption environment;

2. Improve the work efficiency and service quality of service personnel, and improve the enthusiasm of the service staff by quantitative assessment;

3. The waiter can receive information anytime and anywhere, provide timely and non-disturbing service, and the guests will be more satisfied;

4. Establish a quick contact with the waiter in the front hall of the back kitchen to speed up the serving speed;

5. Less waiting time for guests, increasing the turnover rate, and increasing revenue for the restaurant;

6. Quantify the service call and call response time, realize the digitization of the service through computer software, and establish a unique service standard;

7. Increase operating characteristics, increase profitability, and improve industry competitiveness.

restaurant pager



how to use

Each private room and the dining table in the hall is equipped with a wireless pager. Small restaurants can be equipped with screen display products, and the host can be installed on the bar . Large restaurants are recommended to be equipped with a mobile receiving system. If you need service management, you can also choose Equipped with a service supervision and management system, every service person carries a watch-type information receiver with him. In addition, the kitchen, supervisor or foreman can also be equipped with a hand-held wireless pager for reminding meals, dispatching service personnel and group call alarms.

Specific usage

1. The guest presses the corresponding button of the wireless pager (service, checkout, add water, etc.) to initiate a call and find the service staff;

2. The service personnel know which guest is calling and which type of call through the LED screen display type host;

3. The service personnel can also learn the content of the guest’s call through the digital information machine that they carry with them. There are multiple prompts such as vibration and music, and the history of the call can be inquired;

4. The supervisor can dispatch the staff at any time through the handheld pager, press the group call button to realize the alarm;

5. Each food outlet of the back kitchen can be equipped with a handheld pager to call the corresponding service personnel to the window to pick up the meal;

6. After the waiter receives the call information from the guest, press the confirm or cancel button when it is in place to realize the “call-corresponding” timing and establish the service response standard;

7. The manager can query, count and analyze the service through the call supervision and management system, and quantify the management of the waiters, so as to know the service call volume and average service response time of each waiter at any time.

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