What is an emergency pager for the elderly?

What is an emergency pager for the elderly? The elderly emergency pager is composed of a host, an emergency call button, and UPS uninterruptible power supply. It is mainly used for self-rescue of empty-nest elderly or other occasions where first aid is needed. It is a pager or remote control device that the elderly living alone and empty-nest elderly carry around and hang on their chests.

The emergency response system for the elderly means that once the elderly are faced with emergencies such as sudden illnesses or encounters dangerous situations, they only need to press the emergency help button of the “emergency caller” or the remote control button hung on their chests to communicate with the community.

emergency pager for elderly

Call the system center to get help. In the elderly emergency response system, even if the elderly cannot speak, the operator can learn about the elderly’s information through the elderly information that pops up on the computer, and get in touch with 120 and the attendants or volunteers responsible for caring for the elderly in time to give emergency care to the elderly.

The functions and features of the emergency pager for the elderly

Emergency call function: When the elderly encounter an emergency, they only need to press the emergency call button on their body, and the alarm signal can be sent out. The pager can input up to six emergency calls. The elderly do not need to go to the phone, let alone make a call, it is convenient and simple to use, and the life safety of the elderly is guaranteed to the greatest extent.

Recording function: 10-second digital voice messages can be pre-recorded for sending out voice distress signals.

Networking calls the function: The terminal call host can be connected to the 120 emergency center and the community call management center and the service platform built for the elderly through the call management center provides more security for the elderly.

After knowing what an emergency caller is for the elderly, the editor reminds you that the elderly are a disadvantaged group and need more care from us. Children must fulfill their duties and responsibilities so that the elderly can spend their twilight years in peace.

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